For over 15 years now, Octave Assurances has been a brokerage insurance Brokerage company specializing in the development of insurance solutions that generate sustainable savings. Bringing together experts from different backgrounds, our team combines talents that enable us to offer business a unique approach to consulting and brokerage for their
insurance needs.

The company belongs entirely to the members of the team
and is totally independent of any insurer, group or financial institution.

Our approach

Our corporate culture and boutique broker approach, resolutely
focused on developing unique solutions, long-term relationships and stability, have enabled us
to develop a stable customer base, enviable achievements and flexibility that distinguishes us.

We are renowned for the originality of our solutions, the quality of our service and our ability to solve problems. Our sister company, NCA Partenaires Inc., specializes in actuarial science, allowing us to have an in-depth analytical approach to the most complex situations.

Vision and values

We firmly believe that we build relationships through the quality of our work,
our advice and our professionalism. However, it is our human approach,
our integrity and our heart that allows us to maintain lasting relationships
with our customers.

Octave, it’s a different way of doing things and we are very proud of it.